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Sunday, June 10

Internship's In!

Ok, so Just a quick notice before I go to bed, because I've promised myself not to make it too late tonight.

I've got my internship! The one I've mentioned before at the company where I can make some 3d models for a themepark like Disney! And much more! I'm so excited.

I start a little bit earlier than I have to (2,5 weeks) so I have a bit more space later on, or can take a day off when I have/want to. I'm actually not scared at all. Weird. Unlike me. Excitement all around!

So that's one uni thing, the other is about tomorrow. I've got a big project-presentation which I'm quite nervous about. It's supposed to be a long one. I just hope I'll pull it off. Probably will. I should, having worked on it. I'll let you know. This Thursday, I have to hand in my portfolio, so busy week for me.

On other note: Expect to see videos from me somewhere next week. I've sang somewhere, you'll see. I look like a spasmed git. Oh well, who cares.

Another happy note: The Fratellis Ole Black 'n Blue Eyes EP with three new songs comes out tomorrow on vinyl. I've already heard the songs! Bloody brilliant! It'll also be available on download. Don't know where. I've already ordered the Vinyl and am going to buy the download like a die-heart Fratelli-fan! ;)

Well, I bid you goodnight!

With love,



Michel said...

What kind of company is that?? And by 3D you mean virtual? What kind of programs do they use?

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Hey Michel, yes, I mean virtual. Well, first off, they use sketch up... haaaha. The other programs they're not certain about but they are thinking of programs like Archicad. I've never used that. Done sketchy uppie though. I've never done any 3d modelling but I think I'll manage.