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Saturday, June 9

Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full

So, something different from me this time, a very shallow album review.

The month of June starts with what critiques say is something good: McCartney's album: Memory Almost Full. I was almost pleasantly suprised by this. All stars get older, and their style changes. Paul's songs had gotten particularly softer, before. The rock and roll was gone. Lovely ballads, nonetheless, but I still missed the uptempo happiness.

Well, on this album, we get both, the piano, violin pretty ballads... and the classic rock and roll mixed with brilliant mordernism. Catchy songs, that make you want to dance, and more serious, quiet, thoughtful, sit-in-a-chair-smoking-a-pipe-if-you-had-one tunes.

Down point though. He sounds like a grandpa, really, sorry, Paul.

Best songs:

Only Mama Knows (Just rocky)
This was Me (Rock 'n Roll like my folks love it)
Ever Present Past (Nice and rhythmic)
Dance Tonight (Happy, with whistling)

Overall rating: 6,5

Edit: I come back on it: 7

With love,


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