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Tuesday, July 24

All Good Things Come To An End

Followers of the Pottermania will make sure that Harry Potter is never forgotten, but the series of books has come to an end. The latest Potter book has once again sold in great numbers all over the world and has brought many people many happy hours of reading. To me, this feels like writing an obituary. Even though the ending was a clean, satisfying close, I am a bit sad to admit that it is in fact the end.

I remember when I was first given an Harry Potter book by my Aunt for my birthday. I was young, not much of a reader and skeptic towards any book that had more than a hundred pages. My mum read it to me before bed, not because I could not read by myself, no, just because I was rather lazy. Halfway through though, I was excited enough to read it by myself.

My real love for this series came when the third book was there. I had developped a love for the English language and so bought the book in English. It was so much better than in Dutch. Something about the translation made it seem like a very very childish children's book. It's original language made it a novel.

Ever since that third book, I've continued to buy and read them in their original language, finishing within days. I collect them in Dutch too, just to complete my collection. So now there is one more book to collect, the seventh Harry Potter book in Dutch, and then it's over.

I feel rather...empty. Now I must build up a new obsession.

With love,


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