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Saturday, July 21

Are you afraid of Needles?

I luckily am not, because yesterday I have been stung eight times by one. Indeed, I was at the doctors. No horror story, sorry.

What was I doing there, you may ask? Getting Botox-ed. Not your regular Botox treatment though. I'm too young to be wrinkly. No, on this occasion, Botox was used to reduce the spasm in my left arm. Here's how it works:
  • Two doctors (in my case) decide which muscles cause most of the annoying spasm.
  • They see how many times the muscle needs to be injected.
  • They mark them down with a pencil on your arm. I swear, my doctor made it look like I had a treasure map on there.
  • They attach the needle to a decide that sends electrical pulses through it.
  • They stab you with the needle and find, sometimes after moving around a bit, the muscle.
  • They send pulses through it, which looks and feels ridiculous. Imagine knocking your elbow against the table and getting that ringing feeling through your arm, only this time, imagine that it happens every second. Your fingers just twitch very stupidly. But they can see if they have stabbed the right muscle.
  • If so, they inject the Botox.
  • If not, they go in a bit deeper. Hit the bone at one point. Hurts.
  • They repeat this a lot of times.
  • They finish up. I had 8 band aids on my arm. hehehe.
  • They make you wait there for an hour because you might get an allergic reaction.
I luckily didn't get any bad reactions, woo. So I got to go home. The Botox usually starts working in about five days, so I am patiently waiting. There's no guarantee it will help.

Why do I do this? It's not for functionality, that's for sure. In fact, it might decrease my functionality in that arm. It's for looks. I am vain.

With love,


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