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Monday, July 16

Communication with my readers

Hey dearies, as you might have noticed already, I've added a new feature to my blog, the shoutbox. I'm just really curious to see who reads my blog, and this gives you a quicker/easier way to say hello. Blogging is a social event after all, for me at least. It's not just a way to vent or anything. Sure, I like to be amusing or get rid of my frustration or just write a bunch of nonsense, but in the end it's all about people.

Also, I've exchanged my self built template for a slightly adjusted standard one because I just wanted more space to post. If any of you fancies designing me a template you think is very me, please do, it'd be very interesting seeing me in a design, :). I challenge those that have extra time on their hands.

I've not actually been designing anything lately, even though I had major plans to do so in the holidays. Just laziness and not botheredness, I suppose. So much for good ideas and personal improvent. I'm probably going to want to do these things when I'm too busy to do them. And then do them anyway, overworking myself into pure exhaustion and migraines. So please, spare me that rubbish and 'design me'.

With love,


Ps. Leave me a shout...

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