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Tuesday, July 17

Flying high

It appears my holidays are going to be a little bit adventurous after all, and no, I'm not going on a cruise around the world. This afternoon, I'm going flying. On a sailplane. I'm excited!

A friend of mine has been flying for a long time now and he is allowed to take someone with him. He'd asked me if I wanted to quite a while ago, but I was a bit scared to back then. So he said, call me when you change your mind. I didn't of course, cause I am one big wimpy wimp. I kind of wanted to but not enough to get over my ungrounded fears.

Today, my friend rang me and asked me if I wanted to go flying this afternoon. Just the little push I needed. I said yes obviously. I am sailing on clouds, woo. I'll be taking my camcorder up so I'll see if I can record some decent high up videos. I'll then put them on here.

Wish me luck!

With love,


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