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Tuesday, July 17

Is it a bird? No! Is it superman? No! It's Maartje on a sailplane!

Ok, so I know that's not exactly the line as it's supposed to be, but it gets my point across. I've been on a sailplane high up in the air! What a great feeling. Didn't stay up there long, we missed the thermic, but it was still fun.

I'll start at the beginning. We arrived at Terlet, where Michel, the friend that took me flying, showed us (mum, dad and myself) the winch-machine. I'd brought my camcorder, so I've filmed a bit of that. The engine it uses is HUGE! I think that interested my dad more than it did me, as I'm not that mechanically smart. But still, we got the full package of the Gliders!

We went back, 1200 meters, in the car and Michel called the glider that we were going to be flying in down (it was still in the air by then). Nervous? A little bit. But mostly excited. Michel packed me up with a heavy parashute, not that we were going to use that. It pulled me down, haha. Must have been funny to see. I had to lean forward, because otherwise I'd fall backwards.

Before I knew it, Michel had picked me up and dumped me into the sailplane very gently. It was quite comfortable, actually. He strapped me down to the seat, I was very secure. A barf bag was stashed somewhere between my belt, should I get sick while being up there. I'd not flewn since I was 5, and that was in a regular plane to Portugal. I recall my dad informing me that van Hoorns don't get airsick, as van Hoorns don't act silly. Gee, thanks dad.

Anyway, after the procedurical check ups, we were towed up into the air by the winching thing and I was frantically chewing gum to keep my ears from popping. Munch munch. Once we'd reached the highest point, Michel cast off the winch and we made a slight drop, which feels like dropping in a rollercoaster. Eek. I had to remind myself to breathe out. Once that was done, it was a pleasurecruise.

I was filming all this, but because of the sun I couldn't see the screen, so I didn't notice that I had zoomed in. So most of my video stuff is rubbish. I'll be doing major editing to it and see what I can still use. I was up for only 5-10 minutes, but it was amazing. Luckily my dad took his camera so he took some pictures before and during take off and landing. I'm ammused.

Anyway, Michel, I think you will be reading this.... Can I fly with you again?

With love,


Just some photos


Lonneke said...

hey maartje,

Leuk joh...dus dat zweefvliegen was wel voor herhaling vatbaar lees ik ;)
haha Bijpassend muziekje ook in 1x tijdens je filmpje haha LOL. and we are FLYIIIIIIIIIIING!!! hihi

collega van mijn vader doet ook zweefvliegen (in Malden) en klein motorvliegtuigje.

Mij lijkt zweefvliegen best eng (mede doordat die collega van mijn pa er weleens mee doet stunten, kriebels als ik eraan denk haha)

leuke foto's ook.

voor als je nog een keer gaat vliegen, wish you luck and a lot of fun ofcourse.

Nice holiday!

with love,


Maartje van Hoorn said...

Ha Lon, thanks :) Was zeker leuk ja, video was eigenlijk beetje mislukt want had perongeluk ingezoomd de hele tijd. Lol.

Nou ja. Was ook maar 5 minuten in de lucht want we konden geen thermiek vinden, en ja, dan moet je weer naar beneden. Opstijgen is scary :P. Landen niet eigenlijk.


Michel Goulmy said...

He Maartje,

Tuurlijk mag je nog een keertje mee vliegen:P
Zeker nu ik al je verslag heb door gelezen :D Haha

Offcource you can fly again with me:P
Especally now i've read your report:P Whaha