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Thursday, July 19

How to survive the wait for Harry Potter in 10 steps

Learn not to die of excitement during the wait for the last book of the Harry Potter series in 10 easy steps:
  1. Reread book 1-6. That should keep you busy for a while.
  2. Watch film 1-5. Make it a marathon with your friends. Don't forget to dress up like Harry.
  3. Read the Harry Potter books in a foreign language.
  4. Read millions of fanfictions on
  5. Play with your Harry Potter collector items.
  6. Speculate with your friends about what is going to happen in book 7.
  7. Try to fly a broomstick.
  8. Convince yourself that Harry is your imaginary friend. You'll have loads of fun.
  9. Look for leaks on the internet. You'll find so many different versions of the so called original book you'll get so annoyed that you won't even want to read book 7 anymore.
  10. Camp out in front of your bookstore, even though it's three more days til you can actually buy one. But hey, you're a fan!
Happy camping!

With love,



Tim said...

Thanx for the tips! Here in friesland is a massive distribution problem. No Harry Potter 7 in a circle of 30 km! (Since the day that it came in stores)
But is delivering it later this week.

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Hey Tim, I luckily got my book on saturday (preordered it back in februari). Hope you get yours soon.