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Thursday, July 19

Novel: Book of Dreams

A while back I posted this question, whether or not you all would like to see my stories posted on my blog. I realize that this doesn't work on a blog with not that many frequent readers or active commenters. So, I've decided that I've got to make that decision for myself.

In the period to come I'll be posting links to chapters of my Fantasy novel 'Book of Dreams'. I'll tell you a little something about it now. It's got up to nine chapters now, all of which really really short. This I have done on purpose for easy online reading. It needs major editing and I believe that during this process it will get much larger. It is, so far, the longest story I've worked on and not given up on yet.

OK, about the actual story. I've already said, it's fantasy. It has typical fairytale elements, but with balls. You'll see. It's about a princess, who's bloodline is cursed. Her dreams are as real as real life. Meaning, they are very dangerous.

Reading the chapters doesn't take much time, they're up at my Deviantart Gallery, but you can find direct links below:
Whenever I finish a new chapter or any artwork, I'll repost the links with the updates.

Happy reading!

With love,


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