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Friday, July 20

Linky links

It is time to let you all know of another two additions to my blog links.

First one is Christy's Coffee Break, a blog that deals with a great variety of subjects, from reviews of other websites to interesting and helpful tips on how to get more comments on your blog. Be sure to pay Christy a visit.

The other one is another one of my own blogs, a very new one called Disabled not Mislabeled.
This blog is about disabled people. On here I give them tips on how to be happy, and how to fit in to this crazy world. It would also be interesting for non-disabled people, (though I believe that everyone has flaws) because it will offer them a different perspective about us criples. ;)

Hope you enjoy both of these links.

With love,


1 comment:

Christy said...

Thank you very much, that's very nice of you!!! Hope you have a great weekend! :)