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Thursday, July 12

Home stays sweet

Hooray! I've just received word of the fact that I can stay where I'm living now for another year.

For your information, I live on my own but with guidance when I need it. You need a permit to stay in these kind of facilities over here, and they usually give them out for a year or even less. I've had two so far, which have allowed me to be as independent as I can be.

Now, for this year (august 2007-august 2008), there was a chance that I would not be getting another permit because I would 'no longer qualify', as it were. But yay, I do. So I'm staying. Otherwise I would have gone back home to live with my mother, which would have been a step backwards. Don't get me wrong, I love my mom, but I like being independent.

I'm so glad.

With love,


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