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Sunday, July 8

Pull your plugs

Today was the day - still ongoing throughout the world - of Live Earth (Alert). A worldwide musical project to raise awareness about our changing climate. Artists all over the world play for more awareness. I've been watching it all day.

Is it the music that raises more awareness? No, it's the fact that a day like this one has been called to life. Does it work? Maybe, for a short while. After that we'll just fall back into old habits and go back to being the lazy, luxury loving human beings that we are.

I've never been much of an environmentalist, to be honest. I like my luxury, and depend on it in many ways. I am also the kind of person to think that nature will sort itself out. It has in the past. But still, doesn't mean I can try and not harm the environment.

So, my green list:
  • turning my electrical stuff off instead of leaving them on standby.
  • pulling the plugs out when I don't use something, like chargers.
  • turn on only one light instead of three in one room.
  • leave the heating off.
There, that's just a few easy adjustments that do not compromise my luxurious life. Think about the earth, be green.

With love,


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