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Tuesday, July 3

Yay Glasgow Yay Wireless

Life has just got better. Yesterday, Annelies agreed to come to Glasgow to me in the last weekend of September! Yay. I booked flights. See my youtube vid. I don't quite feel like elaborating. But yay, will see Frats in Glasgow! Need to design me a tshirt.

Also, wireless has been fixed here, at my parents' house, so I am on my trusty laptop again instead instead of the Imac that keeps overheating, or 'fries' as I call it in my youtube vid.

Now, onto storywriting and tshirt designing, buhbye!

With love,



Dani said...

I likes your quote my iMac fried.. hahaha very funny.. are you t shirt designer?

Maartje van Hoorn said...

I wish I was a T-shirt designer...
I'm not. I just design stuff for fun. :D

Nadine said...

I´m happy that you found someone who you can go to Glasgow with! That´s great news!