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Sunday, August 26

100th Post Anniversary

I'm most excited to be writing this post on my blog, as it is the 100th post that will be on there. Now I will be looking back and noting what I've done and what I've learned. I think it will be a great experience. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I will.

My First Post was written on the 15th of January 2007, not even a year ago. I apparently had a blog before this one, which I can't really remember, but I was new, still, and excited to be there. The first post of a new blog, in my opinion, is both important and very difficult. An introduction is never easy. Which is probably why I didn't really make it an introduction and soon drifted to other, rather random subjects. If only I had known then that that doesn't work.

I wrote mostly about myself, what I had been doing, and therefore attracted people that know me to my blog, but little else. In university, I was learning about sociobility on websites, ie. the social, personal side of a website. That's probably why I introduced these goofy pictures of me to picture my mood with each post. (I put them on the ones I'd already written before that, too). That, and to humor everyone with my goofy faces.
Later on, I dropped these again, for no good reason.

I never read many other blogs, until I joined Mybloglog. Not only did I meet nice people on here, I was also introduced to several succesful and nice blogs that taught me a great deal about blogging. Probably one of the most important things I learned, was to write what people want to read. Most people out there don't give anything about what I do in my daily life. So I broadened my blogging horizon. I began to share my Art, because apparently, people like Artsy Farsty stuff. I also began to share the chapters of my Wannabe-novel, more for my own good feeling than because I thought it would be read more this way. Poetry and Songs soon followed. I've even received an Award.

My personal favorite thing I have worked on would be my Howto section. Because of this I got my first direct post link on other blogs, which felt absolutely amazing. I didn't quite believe it at first and probably jumped through the room like a six year old at Christmas eve. My parents thought I'd gone mental.

Anyway, this has been an awesome three quarters of a year for my, blogwise. I have learned so much and have made so many new friends. Thanks to all of you who stood by me and who read and commented on my articles. You really made me feel rather invincible.

On to the 500th post, I'd say!

With love,



Markk said...

Congrats to you Maartje for knowing the right direction in blogging. See you have discovered so many new things and got more blogging friends and ideas...and links, too! Yes, you must write on subjects that will interest other people than they will start to come back to your blog. Try to keep your personal musings to the minimum. Behind The Page is a good title for this blog, so don't neglect it. Cheerio, have a good time.

Nick Phillips, MY said...

Congrats on your 100th post. I just crossed my 100th post just a few days back so I know what it feels like to make it this far ... Here's looking to your 1000th posting!