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Monday, September 17


I used to think that Aliens don't exist. Right now, I'm not so sure.

This weekend, there was something on the local news about two people that had seen a strange red object, or light, more like it, in the sky during the day. The fact that it made it to the news was pretty bizarre, I thought. I immediately thought of a kite, obviously. But then, a kite would not have made it onto the local news, which, even though local, generally isn't rubbish. Yet, I was laughing, quite loudly. The weekend moved on, quite normal and boring.

I was staying at my parents' house for the weekend, but I had my internship to go to on Monday, so even I had to go home. So, I got into the car with my mom, who was bringing me home as she always does. Turned on some music, dadada, you know, the usual. We were just driving on the motorway that aligned with the river to our right where a little there was the little harbor, with some boats docked. I pass this harbor nearly every weekend and watch it gladly, it's such a cozy sight.

So I was just watching, singing along to the music very loudly and off key because I had a cold and my nose was stuffy, when suddenly... a red orb of light catches my eye. It was high up in the sky, and I blinked, but it was still there on second glance. It was dark outside, and it was hovering above the river. I asked my mom if there was any radiotransmission pole there and she, just as confused as I was, told me there was not. Being on the motorway, we only had about 30 seconds to watch this thing, and my mom had to watch the road, but it was the strangest thing I have ever seen in my life. I'm not a very supersticious person, but...


Or just kids pulling pranks after seeing the local news?

With love,


Ps. Any sightings, people?


Maartje van Hoorn said...

On second thought, google UFO Balloons.

Siobhan said...

Was it near Arnhem?
There was an article about those things.. let me check...
There, Thai Balloons ;)