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Monday, September 17

Zee Germans Are Coming!

Blogger seems to be suffering a German invasion at the moment. As I was just posting my previous entry about UFOs, and hit publish, the following message greeted me:

Blog anzeigen (in einem neuen Fenster)

The rest of Blogger is in perfectly fine UK English for me, which, I checked, is as it should be according to my language settings. So tell me, what are you Germans doing in my garden?

With love,



Nadine said...

... reading your blog?
;-) ;-)
Hi there, sorry that I´m so absent at the moment, but I´m still here!
Best wishes from Germany ;-)

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Hello Nadine my little (though older than I am) German pally person. So it's you that's been corrupting my Blog :P.

How are you doing deary?


Nadine said...

Hello Maartje!
Aaah, not corrupting – only refreshing ;-)
Oh, at the moment I´m trying to sort out my life and trying to handle the butterflies in my stomach, which are sometimes there, sometimes not... My life is very confusing at the moment!
And how are you? How´s your internship going?

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Not bad, not bad, it's very tiring but also a great learning experience. I'm there now! E-mail me soon!


Jos said...

zank gootnezz zis iz not ze reel vorld...