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Saturday, October 20

Community Blogger Award

The title kind of gives away the point of this post: I've received another award! The community blogger award. It might not surprise you, but I received it from Jos, author of NoDirectOn. Thank you so much Jos.

A very nice award to be given, this one, because it makes me feel like what I blog actually contributes to people's sense of appreciation. I think I've received this award mostly thanks to Santa's Community Blog, as I recently started to post there as a co-other.

I once tried to start my own community in the blogging atmosphere, formerly known as The Written Word, but that one didn't lift, so I ending up deleting it.

If anyone sees sense in starting a writer's community with me, let me know.

With love,



Jos said...

Hi Maartje, well, maybe your contributions to Santa's Community Blog have a little something to do with you getting this award, but the main reason is that you ARE a 'community-blogger' -- as my award post says: the Community Blogger Award celebrates people who reach out and make the blogging community a better one. And it is also for those people that come back to comment, adding to the conversation, making you feel like someone is listening and interested.
You 'check' in both categories.

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Haha, thank you again, so much, Jos. Guess I was doing lazy reading, eh?

Just came back from a birthday party so am a bit tired and the like.