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Sunday, October 21

Records on Sunday: Rodrigo Y Gabriela

This week's Records on Sunday features Rodrigo Y Gabriela, an incredible two-piece I have much much respect for. Amazing.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Rodrigo and Gabriela are two talented musicians from Mexico, where they met as teenagers, when Gabriela joined Rodrigo's band. With their band Tierra Acida they recorded one album, but never signed a contract.
Instead they decided to go to Europe. This was in 1999. They ended up in Dublin and moving on through Europe, played at people's homes, weddings and parties. They wanted to be metal producers, but everything came out as Latin.
In 2003, they supported Damian Rice and not much later brought out an album, Re-Foq, followed by Live Manchester and Dublin a year later. These albums launched them into the music world.

Rodrigo and Gabriela describe their style as 'Fusion music': "It's mainly got Latin harmonies and rhythms but the structure is rock. It's not jazz because it's structured, and we don't improvise; our solos are exactly what's on the record, as a metal fan and guitarist you always want to hear the same f**king solo!"


Official Homepage
Rodrigo Y Gabriela on MySpace


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