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Friday, October 12

Kids Charged As Adults?

Seriously, where has the world come to? First a shooting in Cleveland, where a 14-year old boy shot four other students and then killed himself.

In Amsterdam, another 14-year old boy stabbed a classmate over an argument about a pen. The victim died in the hospital.

In Pennsylvania, a 14-year old boy was arrested because he was planning an Columbine-like attack on his own highschool. Over 30 weapons were found in his house.

I am absolutely horrified. How can people this young be so sick? How can this happen? Just imagine, or rather don't because it's terrible, what might have happened if that boy in Pennsylvania hadn't been arrested.

And what will happen now? How will these children be charged? They're obviously very ill. However, I think these kids should be charged as adults, because if they are this far gone on such a young age, they are sure to be a danger to themselves and others.

I cannot understand how their parents can let this happen. Or why this is happening. Is it the media? The games? Or is the world just generally fucked up?



Colin said...

Hi Maartje

This is something that I have come across on other blogs too, kids killing kids! It seems to be a global problem and each day there is another victim in the news.

Parents must accept their responsibilities and stop blaming schools and others that influence children. Parents are ultimately responsible for the 'couldn't care less' attitude.

Those that carry out these crimes, for whatever reason, should face the full weight of the law and pay the price for their wrong doing. I think that the parents should also be admonished too, as they are not blameless.

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Hello Colin,

I don't actually understand why parents are blaming the schools and on what ground. Bad education. Surely the schools don't teach the kids how to shoot guns or how to use a knife on someone's throat.

I think it is ridiculous that they even have the courage to blame those schools for what their kids do or don't do. It's their responsibility to raise the kids. Apparently the parents of the boy from Pennsylvania even helped him hide the guns? Horrible.

I live in a good neighbourhood and go to a good university, but had I still been in highschool, I think I might have been very frightened to go to school.

If even education is a risk to take, where will we end up?

I can't remember it being

Tomas Karkalas said...

I can’t understand what is happening, but I see just one and only outcome there. We can't change the world, but we can try not to lose the love. That's one and only thing we can to do. Sorry for my words may look too abstract, but have I any other choice? I can join the ranks of wise critics and add myself to the sharing of negativity, suspicious, worry ... fear - the darkness or I can to continue reading the fairy tales ... I don’t know how should I respond, but I trust just in love in spite of all. Love is not something we are worthy of, but is the love. We can either talk about the love or to love. We can create lots of fine theories on love but that would be not the love but just the musing.
Love may look silly viewing it from outside, but is there any other choice? We can either to love in spite of all or stress and question ourselves, what for I live still now?