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Wednesday, October 10

October 10th

Have I gone sloppy on this blog or what? There has been a serious lack of consistancy in my mind and therefore in everything I do, including my posting on this blog. I've even stopped doing my laundry, the dishes (though I luckily don't have that much), stopped writing my story, roleplaying, drawing serious portraits and I still haven't written anything about my trip to Glasgow. Also, I forgot to mention that I turned 20 on the 30th of September. Where is my brain nowadays.

You might be wondering why I am rambling like I am. Well, in several 'How To Get Rid Of Writer's Block' and 'How To Get Inspiration'-posts, it is said that you should just write on. It seems slightly pointless to me, but I am giving it a go anyway.

I've got this song in my head that won't get out of my..., well, head. Possibly because I have been listening to it all day. 'Got My Mind Set On You' by George Harrison. Damn catchy. Though, has anyone noticed there are only like, 25 different words in that entire song? I believe Weird Al did a parody on it called '(This Song's Just) Six Words Long'.

Just because Al is brilliant, here's the song with the George Harrison Clip.

Weird Al is class. Anyone got a personal favorite?

With love,


Ps. Today's quote:

"Entertainment is everything and stickmen will rule the universe if the purple M&Ms won't get to it first"

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