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Thursday, October 11

Artsy With Strokes

A two hour sketch of Jon Fratelli, leadsinger and guitarist of the Fratellis. If you click on the picture you will see that it's a very rough picture. I have actually smoothed it out already but I like it better like this, so this is all you're going to see.

Made in Corel Painter X with a reference photo that I took at a concert back in January.

Just a little explanation of how I draw/paint on my computer:

Most of the time, I have very big photographs (digital), that I keep open at all times.
I draw the general outline freehand, or sometimes I trace to keep proportions right. With this one, I didn't have any outlines, I just started blocking in the basic colours.I first made a palette with those colours by using the colourpicker tool on the photograph. Then I mix them to get another range of colour. Then I pick my brush (used a thick sticky oil brush (at least thats what the program says it is) for this one).
I just make rough blocks first, then pick other colours from my palette and make rough strokes in the direction the shape goes in, and do that over and over again until I get the right colour.
On occasion I colour-pick from the photograph (Like the pink in this one, unnatural colours).That's about how I work.

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