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Thursday, October 11

Scotland and Tophats

I know I promised a full report of my trip to Scotland, but seeming that it seems to be taking me a long while to get to writing the actual thing, here's a little preview for you.

The girl on the photo is me, obviously. It was taken in a bar in Glasgow, called Firewater. If you live anywhere near that I suggest you go and check it out. They play all kind of Alternative music in there.

On my head is a tophat with the Fratellis F on it, which was made by Graham from the Fratellis forum, and which he gave me as a gift. He had actually made it for himself but thought it suited me better. So nice. Got hugged by drunk strangers because of that hat, quite an experience I must say.

Photo was taken by Marko, who ended up walking into a car and breaking his ankle in the middle of the night. bless you, Marko.

That's all for now.

With love,


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