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Wednesday, October 17

Students Made Poor

Oh don't I just love my government. In the Netherlands, education is not only expensive. The government used to support the students financially by giving them money each month to help pay for their education and things such as traveling towards their university.

Recently, ie. today, a debate has begun after a rumour was set about the government wanting to turn the monthly gift of money into a loan. This loan would have to be paid off at the end of one's studies.

I am one of the few lucky students who's parents still pay their child's educational expenses, so I would not completely drown in the lack of money if this happens. Many people, however, have to work each weekend and evenings to be able to pay for their education. Many of those people end up taking a loan, despite the government's help. Now imagine them, without the monthly gift, ranging from about 70 euros (for those who live with their parents) to about 260 euros (for those that live on their own). Imagine the amount of money they would have to pay back in the end.

I think this is absolutely ridiculous. Luckily, it's still only a rumour. But, if they should go through with it, they are wankers. And why are they considering this? Because they want to give the teachers a better salary. Gee, that will do us good if we can't afford education in the first place...

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