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Tuesday, October 16

What Freedom Really Is

Freedom is a term is different for every single person on earth. I've not yet defined it's meaning for myself, but I do know where I can find it. However, first I want to explore other people's kinds of freedom.

Literal freedom
A wonderful example can be found in the film King Arthur, in a conversation between Lancelot and Guinevere:

"What I do remember...Home...oceans of grass from horizon to horizon, further than you can ride. The sky, bigger than you can imagine. No boundaries."

"Some people would call that freedom."
This version of King Arthur's story is all about freedom. Freedom of the people, both the Romans and the Brits, and the freedom of King Arthur's knights. I would say that freedom is the strongest theme in the film. They all fight for it, some find it in the world of the living, some find their freedom in death. It also deals with the freedom that comes from no longer being opposed, the quite literal freedom.

Flying is often associated with freedom. The nothingness, vastness, the feeling that no one can touch you. Skydiving, base jumping and paragliding offer many people that sense of freedom, even if it doesn't last.

Freedom of opinion
One of the most important kinds of freedom is the freedom of opinion. I cannot imagine anyone disagreeing with that. The freedom to say what you think, to be respected for it. Without that freedom, life is a prison, even though you can't see the bars. Even now, too many people are silenced, by their rulers, by their family, sometimes even by their religion. This should end, everyone deserves freedom of opinion. As long as we consider what we say very carefully and do not intend to hurt others.

My freedom
Even though I can't quite put my finger on what it is that I call freedom, I know that I can find something very close to it in writing. In writing, there are no bounderies for me, no walls, and no limitations. There are so many things that I cannot say but can much easier write down on paper. I feel free to share most that I write because that way, other people can contribute to my freedom by offering me inspiration. A shared freedom is the best freedom there is. My freedom is in the words that I have yet to write.

What's your freedom?

With love,



Eric Monse said...

Nice, interesting take on Freedom...

Maartje van Hoorn said...

thank you so much for your comment, hope you recognised something in my post, or that you at least enjoyed reading.