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Friday, November 2

7 Things To Do While In A Traffic Jam

Today, the traffic was wild here in the Netherlands. I spent three hours in traffic jams, while the ride from my internship to my mom's home normally takes 40 minutes.
A bloody long sit, even if, like in my case, you have a chauffeur.

Therefor, I give you: 7 Things To Do While In A Traffic Jam
  1. Turn the radio up, open your windows and sing along loud and proud.
  2. Take the letters from license plates and turn them into funny setenses.
  3. Make sure you drive next to someone cute and flirt a little.
  4. Count the amount of a particular cars you see in the jam.
  5. Discover all your car's secret buttons and cabinets.
  6. Do crosswords.
  7. Have that phonecall that you have been putting off for ages.
There, should keep you busy on the road.

With love,


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