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Friday, November 2

200th Post

Hello my dear devoted readers!

I was going to write some post in which I'd complain about today's traffic (on the roads), but when I clicked 'new post' on my Blogger dashboard, I realised that the post I would be writing would be my 200th. So, before I begin with all the complaints, I think I will celebrate this moment.

It hasn't been that long since I wrote my 100th post, and to be honest, if I look back on what I have learned in the world of blogging, I have to say it's not much news. However, everything I had learned before, I have now learned to do better.

Many fabulous awards have been added to my list and I want to thank everyone that has contributed to these.

This blog made it to Blog of the Day on, and it has been my portal to my other blogs as well.

And most importantly, I've made tons of new friends that support me and bless me with the occasional comment on here, which I am most grateful for...Thank you so much...

With love,



Joanne said...

Wow, congrats on making it to the 200th post. That's a feat! Haha, here's to looking forward to your 300th! ;)

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Thank you Joanne!

Kevin D said...

It is our pleasure on making you blog of the day. Congrats with 200th post!

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Thank you Kevin, also thank the entire team for me :)