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Friday, November 2

Realistic Portrait

Portrait of a youngish Jared Leto (pre 30 seconds to mars)

Sketched the outline in Open Canvas
Blocked in the main colours in Photoshop CS3
Added details in Painter X
Adjusted colour in Photoshop CS3
Smoothed out in Painter X

14 hours


Jos said...

Ik denk, ik ga eens kijken hoe het met Maart... ooops.. NoDutch

Hi Maartje, I was wondering how you're doing. I can tell you've been quite busy. Hope everything is OK?


Maartje van Hoorn said...

Hey Jos,

Met mij gaat het...NoDutch

I'm good :)

Suffering from a writer's block, obviously, but I'm just denying it. Hoping it will go away.

And how about you?

Jos said...

Ach... het zal wel aan het weer li - oops .. NoDutch

I'm good too, thanks ;)