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Thursday, November 1

Paying For Extras on DeviantArt

I feel rather pleased with myself as I have purchased a subscription to the best art community there is. My DeviantArt account now has some spiffy extras for me to enjoy. I now have my own forum, a shoutboard, I can make polls and I can customise my journal with CSS. Another big plus is surfing without ads that take forever and ever to load. Now I can load thousands of images much quicker.

But, the main reason I chose to have a subscription is because I wanted to improve my communication with my visitors. I can now see which members have visited my site. When they have left me a comment I will get the comment in my inbox entirely instead of having to click a link to the page it's on and having to press reply there. It's all much more social now. I hope this will help increase traffic on my account.

However, I am poor now, so you need to go and buy my designs that I hardly make any profit on. ;)

With love,


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