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Wednesday, November 7

How To Deal With The Winter Blues

With summer behind us and autumn just being what it is, gloomy and wet, winter is getting into our views. Soon it will be colder, possibly even wetter and the sun will leave us on an early hour. It won't be long until most of us will get the Winter Blues. Feeling dreary, tired, lazy, sad and depressed are the known symptoms of this Bluesy thing.

Therefore, my Winter Blues Survival post. Just for you.

To avoid having or to get rid of the Winter Blues:
  • Have lots of light in your house. Open your curtains whenever the sun shows it's lovely self and turn on as many lights as possible (as much as your environmental conscious permits). It's a well known fact that light is good for body as well as mind. So don't sit in the dark in your room with the curtains closed whenever you are down, go out! Get light. Stop living like a caveman! If you don't have that much light in your house, for whatever reason, go to a tanning salon and treat yourself to some artificial sunlight. Don't overdo it though because you don't want to look like a fried tomato.
  • Have early nights. What I mean to say here is that you should go to bed early and get as much sleep and rest as your body needs. Everyone is more vulnerable during the winter and the best defence is a well rested body and mind. Sleep will get your defences up, both physically as mentally.
  • Drink lots of water or other non-alcoholic fluids. Water clences the body, so any nasty stuff in it will be exterminated.
  • Eat sugars. Sugars just make most people happy and energetic. Chocolate seems to be the best kind of sugar to get whenever you're down in the dumps. Fruit, however, is much healthier and to most people just as effective.
  • Think about the good things that winter can bring. Skating with friends, holidays, having drinks after the skating, snuggling up with your partner on the couch with hot chocolate and watch a film, Christmas, New Year's Eve, you name it.
This is what I have on my list so far, if I happen to think of anything to add I'll let you know. Be gone Winter Blues, we like Rock'n Roll better!

With love,



Fibro Viv said...

Thanks for adding these tips. I think they will also help people with chronic illnesses.

Have a terrific day!

Maartje van Hoorn said...

thank you for the kind comment.