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Thursday, November 15

I'm Saving For

A big LCD HD-TV, surround speakers and a Blu-Ray DVD-player!

Why? Because films need to be experienced at the best quality possible. Don't we all want to feel as if we're in the film? Apparently with Surround in combination with a big HD screen and a Blu-Ray quality HD film, you'll be in the middle of it all.
I love going to the theater and enjoying all those special effects and those booms and bangs that make me jump and everyone laugh at me. Imagine having that at home. I remember my total amazement when I switched from VSH-tape to DVD. My eyes fell out of my sockets. And yes, for a long time, I thought I was going to go deaf from the sound. Blu-Ray is supposed to have the same effect on people.

Does anyone have this combination in their homes yet? If so, can I come over and enjoy the magic? Anyway, I'm saving. Donations are more than welcome ;).

With love,


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Colin said...

Hi Maartje,

I have something for you at

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