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Thursday, November 15

Every Little Thing

This is a post about the little things. The things so often taken for granted and so very often forgotten. The things without which, my life would be horrible.

What are those things for me, well...

Maybe it's the one online friend that sends me text messages on my mobile saying he'll always be there for me even though he is on the other side of the world.
Maybe it's the housekeeper that, even though she only has to vacuum clean my room and dust things of, has me come home to a made bed, an empty bin, folded clothes and an organised desk.
Maybe it's everyone that shows support in me.
Maybe it's the online friend that stays up with me in the middle of the night whenever I feel bad.
Maybe it's my teacher at university that tells me to do things my way because I'll be fine whatever I do.
Maybe it's my dad, who is very concerned with my education and comes up with brilliant ideas that I nearly always refuse.
Maybe it's my mom, that is always there for me and feels miserable when I do just so we can be miserable together.
Maybe it's the friend that shares my enthusiasm for books and rambles about them with me.
Maybe it's the one friend who goes with me to a festival and camps out in the mud even though she hates camping in the mud.
Maybe it's the friend that showed me around in London all day.
Maybe it's that one friend who contantly tells me how much I mean to him.
Maybe it's the one friend that I kind of put things on hold with but when we saw each other again it was just like old times.
Maybe it's the person who drove me around Scotland all weekend even though he had not met me before.
Maybe it's the person in Scotland who didnt know me but let me and my friend sleep in their house anyway.
Maybe it's my two internship buddies that make me two sandwiches even though I asked for one because 'you should really eat well'.
Maybe it's the online friend that has disappeared on me but has left me so many good memories that it doesn't really matter.
Maybe it's an entire online community that appreciates me and my art.
Maybe it's the stranger that I've not met that will make me incredibly happy.
Maybe it's you.

I would like to thank the following people for making my life worthwhile:

My mom
My dad
My housekeeper
My mentor
All online communities that appreciate me

With love,



Jos said...

(Ihere's another little thing.. :)
and one more: :)

Jos said...

hey -- Maartje?
Are you there? We haven't seen you around much and are wondering if everything is ok?

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Dear Jos,

I'm so very sorry for leaving everyone hanging. Everything's alright, I'm just very behind on everything. I'll soon do your meme and the other memes I have to do as well. Internship seems to suck up all my creativity for posting as well :(.

Anyway, thanks for your concern :).

Jos said...

Hi Maartje, don't worry about doing the memes and stuff. I am just glad to hear your OK. -Jos:)