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Monday, December 17

When it's cold outside

Whenever winter arrives, there are two completely different sides of me. One, that likes the winter wonderland, and the other, that can't wait for the sun and summer. Today, I'm liking the frosty cold.

In fact, I love winter when it's not raining, it's not slippery outside and when I see these little ice chrystals on the window when I open my curtains in the morning.

The cold is refreshing when I leave my door on my way to my ride that's waiting for me outside. The warmth in the car is just as lovely in contrast to the cold.

There are silent hopes for a white Christmas this year, which I share with many. I think I like it best when during twilight, when everything has got this sort of blue glow and the snow reflects the Christmas lights we can't escape even if we wanted to. It's something magical.

And yet, bring on summer...


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