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Tuesday, January 1

New Year, New Start?

Hello everyone and welcome to the year 2008!

It will once again be an adjustment to have to write an eight instead of a seven on whatever letter I decide to send. 2008 seems to start in a small world, as I have no view from any of the windows in this room. There is just mist.

Not so foggy are my ideas and resolutions for this blog. I have been neglecting it a little bit and am shamed. So from now on, one post a day again. I'll try. Even if it's about nothing. I can make posts about nothing interesting. However, resolutions are there to be broken, so don't sue me if on rare occasion, I refrain from posting.

What better than to start a new year looking back on the old one?
The year 2007, for me, was one of happiness. I made my first trip to Scotland without parents, in doing so experiencing my first concious flight on an airplane. What a joy.
I started an internship which I seem to like quite a lot.
I won a big prize for something I wrote, which is the best thing to ever win a prize for. But being published was the bigger prize.

Well, it might not have been much, but it was still a good year. I would be lucky to have another one like it.

I would like to thank all of you that stayed with me on this blog even despite my lack of updating lately. Without you there I'd never be writing this blog.

Cheers! To another happy year!

With love,


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