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Thursday, January 31

Ubiquitous, say what?

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Isn't that what they say in those stupid yet amusing American high school movies when someone has totally aced something? Girls especially?

Well, that someone is me! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

Remember my public speaking entry the other day? Uh-huh. I've done that, and totally aced it. Brava! So that is my internship concluded. I am beyond happy.

Today I had the kick off of my new semester at University. It has a very smart name. UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING. In capitals because it looks smart. I know you're probably waiting for me to explain what it means, but all I can say to you is that WIKIPEDIA is your friend. I normally am your friend too but it is so cold outside that my fingers are frozen even though I am inside.

In the future you can all expect scientifically deranged stories about UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING.

Holidays first though. Hooray.

With love,


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