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Monday, January 28

Writing vs. Speaking

I've decided I'm on a blogging roll. This means that all of my blogs, except for the one where I write parts of stories and books, because I'm that lazy, are going to get an update today.

I know I've pretty much been letting you all down with my lack of updates, which is probably why I don't get comments now. That said, I've also stopped reading other people's blogs, which resulted in no commenting on their blogs, which resulted in no comments on my blog. Do you follow?

Ok, so maybe not all my blogs are gonna get an update, maybe just this one. Because I'm lazy. Anyway, my video does actually have a point. So enough intro, and on to the real stuff.

Writing vs. Speaking.

I think I actually prefer writing to speaking because when you write things down you get to think about what you actually want to say and if you say it, you just have to say it and you blurt out silly things.

Point of post written. Bye now.

With love,


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