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Monday, February 4

7 Ways To Not Get Your Car Broken Into

Today I was at the doctor's and my mom and I parked next to this car that had the perfect note on it to keep it from being broken into. Here's that, and seven others that I found or saw that I found very amusing.

  1. I've taken anything valuable out of my car so you don't have to break the window.
  2. There is a Buldog on the backseat.
  3. My next door neighbour is a police officer.
  4. My car is boobytrapped.
  5. You will go to jail if you steal anything. Stealing is illegal.
  6. My car radio is eight years old.
  7. The boogieman will get you if you break into this car.


With love,


1 comment:

Christy said...

I think having an eight year old radio and a scary dog in the backseat might just work! lol.

Hope you're having a great day:)