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Wednesday, February 13

Privacy vs. Safety?

Today I found my first article for my debate. It's not as much about Ambient Intelligence as I'd hoped, but is certainly about privacy.

It's basically an interview with Franco Frattini, Vice-President of the European Commission,
Responsible for Justice, Freedom and Security.

He wants to collect fingerprints of everyone from outside the European Union, that is traveling into it. He wants to store these records in a database. Apparently for the safety of EU-citizens. What will this mean for the privacy of these non EU-citizens? What consequences will it have for them?

As the article smartly states, will this not lead to false passports? And if so, should we also start taking fingerprints of EU-citizens?

I still have too many questions about this article to form a solid opinion, but I'm tempted to say that we are trying to store everything in this world. Is there anything that's not public record nowadays? Also, wouldn't a precaution like this talk fear into people? And why just non EU-residents? If, as I believe the goal is, this database is meant to stop terrorism and smuggling of any kind, are EU-residents not as much of a threat. Scan everyone, then. Fingerprints. You can't hide anything anymore.

Oh well, must find a statement and defend it.

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You write very well.