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Monday, March 24

Romance Novels - Emotional or Physical?

I had the most interesting conversation about romance novels the other day in the train back from Amsterdam to my home. It actually originated from a less apropriate topic, porn, and the reason why it seems to do less for women than it does for men.

We landed on the subject of romance novels because they tend to have quite graphic descriptions of romances, especially the kind under the covers. It led us to the following:

Men (if they read this stuff,) read these novels for the same reasons they watch porn. It arouses them, or amuses them, but it's a purely physical discription to them.

Woman on the other hand, read these kind of things because it's the ideal relationship they'll never get. The romantic guy, and the best nights and no fights, stargazing, marriage, happily ever afters. The kind of thing most dream about, even though they won't admit it.

True? Maybe, maybe not. We thought it was an interesting theory.

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