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Monday, July 28

Canon EOS 450D First Try

This first photo is one of my cat called Binky. For some reason this kitty loves to pose. Whenever I focus my camera, it beeps, and he just looks up at you and wiggles around to get comfortable. At times like these I really wonder how smart cats are.

This is perhaps my favorite phot I shot on the day, of a key to wind up the grandfather clock that's in our livingroom. More interesting perhaps, is that we have the clockwork exposed, instead of having it's housing around it. I love the lines in this photo, despite the fact that even the subject is slightly out of focus.

One shot of the orchid that blooms so very often in my mom's livingroom. I'm very taken with these flowers whenever I see them. Such beauty and grace. I tried something exciting with the focus but didn't entirely succeed.

Another part of the grandfather clock in my mother's livingroom. I really like the contrast between the wire and the shiney metal. That, and gleaming objects are always interesting. There is something fascinating about clockworks.

Anyway, I took plenty more photos. To see more and larger pictures, please visit my Flickr page.

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