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Sunday, July 27

Emotionally Handicapped

Oh I love coming up with new terms for inadequacies. This, for a change, is a little selfreflective post, about my being 'emotionally handicapped'. This is by no means a medical term, it's nothing I've been diagnosed with, but it was the best word to sound interesting.

My point being, is that I seem to have inability to be selfish. To want something for myself. It seems that I hold so much value to ther people's happiness and wellbeing and helping them to get there, that I sometimes seem to rule myself out in the process.

Sure, I get small things for myself, but when talking about things that are important, I try so hard to please others and try so hard to do something to help them out, that I very oftn forget myself and end up feeling less than happy about decisions or about my own situation.

All the while, that just makes me sound like a do-gooder, but I'm not sure if I even am, despite my tries to help people, because I so often fail at that too.

I was wondering if any of you have ever experienced feelings like this before, and could give me some advice, or just tell me that I'm pouring way too much thought into this. Either one would please me.


Kirsty said...

"you're pouring way too much thought into this" xD

no, seriously... takng care of other is a good thing, you're a fantastic person for doing that ^^ BUT you should, at least for important stuff, listen to yourself (from time to time to start with ? :p) after all, it's YOUR life, and we only have one (unless you're a cat o_o)so take good care of it ^^
try to think as yourself like someone you reaaaally wanna help and make happy ? :)
mking other's happy is a wonderfull thing to do ^^just do it for yourself too ^^ *hug*

Kirsty said...

(sorry for all the mistakes, i type too fast T___T *like "s"'s missing, or letters being forgotten in the middle of certain words :/)

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Thank you Kirsty, for the wonderful advice. It's good to have you back :)