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Sunday, July 27

Canon EOS 450D

As the title of this article might already suggest, this post is about the Canon EOS 450D.

As of today, I am the proud owner of a brand new one, and even though I've had little time and light to experiment with it, I love it already. It has all the good qualities that I am used to from a Canon product, plus some new features that can hopefully help me overcome some of the problems I've encountered with a SLR-camera.

Best example is the Live View feature, which allows you to look at your LCD screen rather than your visor, when you shoot the picture. I'm not yet quite certain if it also handles focus, but lighting is very easy to adjust when using Live View.

It's a very quick camera, because it uses a rather new kind of chip, thus taking very little time to processing.

Anyway, that are my first observations on the camera, I'll probably post some of my results and further discoveries in due time. Canon EOS 450D, please be nice.


Markk said...

That's a very good camera you got. Hope to see some nice photos posted on this blog in the near future. For example, a field of tulips would be a nice picture. I like landscape photography, do you?

Maartje van Hoorn said...

Hey Mark,

I've not yet found any time to go landscaping. I do like landscape photography, as it gives you opportunity to enjoy the outside world as well as use a comfortable tripod.

No Rulips near me, but I'll shoot a pretty landscape in the near future.

Thank you for commenting, good to have you back on my site.

Anonymous said...

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