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Thursday, July 24

Crossing Borders

I've recently been on a holiday to France and it made me realise that even though the European Union claims that borders don't exist anymore within Europe, quite the opposite seems to be true.

I don't necessarily mean borders like we talk about in sales, etc, but rather the cultural borders. They do in fact still insist. In fact, funnily enough, when you cross the border (sometimes still marked by old border control buildings), it's so easy to notice. Immediately, everything is in a different language, the road signs are formed differently and the speedlimits are different. No borders my behind. The houses that you see are different, heck, if you go to the UK, you have to drive on the other side of the road. The UK doesn't use the Euro as currency. If those things aren't examples of the existance of borders, then I don't know anymore.

The borders do seem to fade as more countries accept English as a universal language, but then there are still the ones that want to keep their pride and refuse to learn. Mostly the older generation, but even some of the youngsters keep up that game.

Borders do exist, no matter what the European Union claims.

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