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Monday, August 4

Back In The Blogging World

I have been back among the active population of the blogging world for some days now, time to reflect.

The thing that seems to rattle me most is that most people/blogs I enjoyed watching have become terribly inactive, like myself, too. This makes it rather hard for me to try and get my name out there again, not being able to rely on friends' help because they are simply no longer out there.

The best tip I've ever had on how to get involved and noticed in the blogging world is that you should comment on other blogs and articles. Thing is, right now, I don't know where to make my comments anymore.

As to why I think blogs do generally have a short lifespan? Well, at some point you've just written it all, haven't you? I found new inspiration at random moments, so that's why I am back again. I also learned to open my eyes a bit more, I read the news now, I have a better view on the world. Even though I'm not known for writing about serious world-news issues, I can always resort to that if need be.

Nevertheless, being back feels so incredibly good it makes me smile broadly.

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