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Monday, August 4

Your Nicknames and Their Origins

When you are born, your parents very often give you a name. Strangely, during your life, everyone has to go and change it for you. Nicknames can be both loving or hateful, obvious or strange. These names very often say more about a person than a conversation with them can.

I've never had many nicknames, but still a few that are worth mentioning.

Mentos - Way back when I was still in primary school, I was very often called Mentos, because I used to have Mentos with me all the time.

Maart - My name is Maartje but I am still very often called Maart. 'Je' is like 'let' in piglet.

Faye - Faye is the name most foreigners find easier to pronounce than Maartje. Faye is the name (Fayestardust) I use for most online communities. It originated from Faye Stardust, which was the first fictional character that I ever created.

I've yet to get a nickname given to my by a lover, which I need to find first.

So, what are your nicknames, where do they come from and what do they mean? If you think this could be a Meme, give me suggestions of how to make it a good one...

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Juliet said...

My name is Juliet. I don't really have alot of nicknames actually. I get called Jules alot. When my family is teasing me they call me Sloth or Moses. Sloth because I can be quite slow about moving around and getting ready and Moses...well, to be honest, I'm not sure I understand that one. It has something to do with how late I like to get up when given the choice but I can't think of when the Biblical Moses ever had a similar experience. Huh.