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Monday, August 4

Lists Drive Me Crazy

Some people like to make lists. It keeps their lives organised and prevents boredom, because there is always something on one list or another that they can do.

As for me...Lists drive me up the wall. Any kind of list. Even the interactive to do lists you can make on the internet.

Let's take grocery lists. I write one, forget to put half the things I need on the list. I go to the store, fumble in my bag for my list, and realise I've left it at home. Useless. Or, in case I have brought it with me after all, half the stuff I need is not on there anyway, or, even worse, I buy two times as many things that aren't even on my list. I function best without the list, even though I still forget half, but at least I don't buy too much.

Actual to do lists are just as bad, I put things on it, but forget to update the list. Most of the time I don't feel like doing the things on the list, thus the list is useless again.

I can't make proper lists of favorite movies either because there are too many and I can't do it for books or favorite songs either.

Go away lists.
  • I say no to to do lists
  • I say no to grocery shopping lists
  • I say no to favorite things lists
Aaaaaaaaaaah it's a list!

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