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Friday, August 15

How to Make Sure You Drink Enough

Getting enough water in your body every day is very important for your health. Officially, two liters of water must enter your body in 24 hours. I think I speak truth, or at least from experience, when I say that most of us in our computer driven world often forget our fluids.

Well, I have come up with a plan to get enough to drink for myself and anyone that would like to use it.

First of all, know that coffee and anything with caffeine do not count on the list of drinks because these things subtract water from your brain. This also counts for tea unless it's herbal tea of some kind.

That said, you should have any milk or water-based drink (or a glass of just water) when:
  • you've just been to the toilet
  • anyone else around you has a drink
  • you eat something
  • your computer crashes
  • your computer has to restart
  • there is a commercial break during your tv-show or film
  • you discover you have a headache 
Doing that, you should be fine in getting two liters of water into you each day. It's working like a charm for me.

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