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Wednesday, September 24

The Best Reason To Join Facebook

For those of you who have not yet joined the bandwagon, you should join Facebook now, for one reason only, if you don't believe in all the community crap.

The new facebook has the usually variety of languages, but there is one that absolutely betters the world. If you go down to the bottom of the page on facebook, and to the language settings, you could select one of the typical languages like English, French or Dutch, but you could also do something way cooler. What....?

You could click the ENGLISH (PIRATE) option, which basically turns your facebook into the best thing in the world. Your friends are Me Hearties and your messages are located in your Bottle o' Messages, etc etc.

 (click to enlarge)

Go join and be my matey!

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0-60 times said...

well i havnt joined facebook yet