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Thursday, September 4

Bring Old Media Back

New media is the future. There's no denying it. Everything becomes smaller, faster, more transparent and we are all loving it.

However, I think there's no denying the charm of 'old' media, either. Especially with the growing quantities of new media. I love getting e-mails, but oh how I wish that I'd receive a plain old letter in my mailbox. That's something I miss in all this new media, the touch, the feel of a letter. The whole anticipation as you walk towards your mailbox and open it to see if there is anything in there. Today, 9/10 times, it's nothing.

Another example is playing records or tapes. I used to love the sound of 'old' on records and cassettes, that faint crackle, such a homely sound. The sound of love for that record because you'd played it so much. Now, with today's digital sound, there is no decay in the sound. It's good, but still, the mood isn't there as it is with records.

Luckily, we still have a record player at home, and some bands still release vinyls. Every now and again I'll put one on, either an oldie from the dad, or one of my own, freshly purchased.
Letters though, seem history. Sad. Someone send me one?

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