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Wednesday, September 3

First Look On Google Chrome

I've literally been testing Google's new browser 'Google Chrome (beta)' for about two minutes, so first look is the only right word for what I'm about to describe.

I'm always been a Firefox fan, have discarded Internet Explorer ages and ages ago, and plan to stay loyal to Firefox for a long time. But, everything Google makes is good, so I couldn't resist to try out their new browser. We all know it was just a matter of time.

Well, on first look, it looks really good. The interface is simple and the lay out leaves a lot of space for actual content. In fact, it is so invisible that there is nothing distracting you from your content. Like Firefox and Internet Explorer, Chrome uses tabs. Whenever you open a new tab, you get a list of your last viewed pages, which you can then click to go to them if you should want to.
Another cool thing about the tabs is that you can drag them away from the window and then release to open them in a new window. Or rearrange them as you wish.

Lastly, for this first look, is that the pages seem to load a hell of a lot faster than with any browser I've seen. Bravo Google! I might keep you.

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