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Wednesday, April 15

Omegle: Anonymity, Good or Bad?

With today's countless instant messenger applications, conversation with friends is no longer limited to meeting face to face. Ok, it hasn't been for a long time. Location based services, status applications and communities, we all connect and share information on the WWW. Information that would, years ago, have been considered private information. But yes, to meet someone we might like, we want to know certain information about them, so we can find people with similar interests.

But whatever happened to that random meeting on the street, or in a bar, where we just happen to find a topic to share with someone? Not much of a going-out-and-meeting-someone person? Well, we no longer have to be. Omegle seems to have brought the charm of random encounters to the net. It's like a chatbox, but without having to sign up, pick a nickname, or find a conversational partner. Omegle is a service that lets you be completely anonymous, and sets you up with a random another anonymous person, then letting you decide what to talk about and what information to withhold or give out.

The least demanding chat service so far? Or is its anonymity a curse rather than a blessing?

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